Speakers AutomationGuild 2018

Day 1 Speakers

Gil Tayar - Not Only Cars: “AI, Please Test My Apps”

Richard Bradshaw - Don’t be SCARED of automated checks/tests

Leo Laskin - Sauce Labs Sponsored Speaker: Anyone Can Cook

Titus Fortner - Crafting a Test Framework

Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan - Patterns of Automation

Jane Mareth - Getting Started with WinAppDriver

Shashikant Jagtap - Hands On XCUITest for iOS apps

Oren Rubin - Roundtable Expert

Angie Jones - Roundtable Expert

Ali Khalid - Roundtable Expert

Day 2 Speakers

Manoj Kumar - From Call back’s hell to using Async Await: Automated testing with JavaScript

Mark Winteringham - REST APIs and WebDriver: In Perfect Harmony

Eran Kinsbruner - Perfecto Sponsored Speaker: Solving The Biggest Automation Challenges

Corina Pip - Be productive in your automation with the Apache Commons helper libraries.

Lisa Crispin - The Secrets of Successful Test Automation

Ash Coleman - What Are Your Automation Tests Telling You?

Michelle XIE - How does Automation Developer Work with DevOps

David Flynn MicroFocus - Roundtable Expert

Paul Grizzaffi - Roundtable Expert

Meaghan Lewis - Roundtable Expert

Day 3 Speakers

Toyer Mamoojee - Automagically covering the Automation Pyramid and Agile Quadrants

T.J. Maher - How to Pass a Coding Interview as an Automation Developer

Bria Grangard - Smart Bear Sponsored Speaker: Laying the Foundation for Enduring Success: Elements of a Test Framework

Mark Fink - Automated Deployment To AWS

Paul Grossman - The Dark Arts of Functional Testing with UFT 14.0

Satyajit Malugu - Robust and reliable Android app automation with Espresso

Mike Talks and Team - Better Unit Testing

​Eran Kinsbruner (Perfecto) - Roundtable Expert

Greg Paskal - Roundtable Expert

Jason Arbon - Roundtable Expert

Guild Team

James Henderson -

Andrew Krug - Andrew from LazyCoder.io is our Slack Channel Leader

BJ Aberle - The 2018 Automation Guild theme song composer and house band leader.