Speakers AutomationGuild 2017

Day 1 Speakers

Adam Carmi - Advanced Test Automation Techniques for Responsive Apps and Sites

Prateek Baheti - Cross-Bowser Testing with Gauge and Selenium WebDriver

Yossi Rachelson - Smart and Robust Automation with HPE LeanFT

Seb Rose - An introduction to Cucumber

Pekka Klarck - Getting started with Robot Framework

John Smart - Automation with Serenity-Screenplay Pattern

Day 2 Speakers

Paul Merrill - Test Data Strategies

Dave Haeffner - How to Grade Your Selenium Tests

Greg Paskal - Automation ROI Robbers

Katrina Clokie - Automation and Management

John Sonmez - Automation Soft Skills

Day 3 Speakers

Jonathon Wright Session - Digital Automation – The Forces of Destiny

Alan Richardson - Automation As Part of Your Test Process

Nikolay Advolodkin - Using Page Object Pattern to Drastically Stabilize Your Automation

Angie Jones - Architecting an Agile-Friendly Automation Framework

Maciek Konkolowicz - Fun Free Fast Automated GUI Test with White

Peter Kim - How You Can Automate Your Localization Tests

Day 4 Speakers

Rosalind Radcliffe - Devops In Test

Ravi Sindri - Continuous integration with Microsoft tools

Michael Sage - Load Testing with Taurus in Jenkins Pipeline

Nilesh Kulkarni - Paypal Nemo.js

Dima Kovalenko - Using Docker in CI

Scott Nimrod - Property-based Testing

Day 5 Speakers

Matt Wynne - Keeping your Cucumbers sweet

Bas Dijkstra - REST API testing with Rest-Assured

Jason Arbon - Mobile Performance Testing

Dan Cuellar - Appium Automation for Apps

Scott Nimrod - Property-based Testing

Melissa Tondi - Test Automation in Agile a Successful Implementation

Eran Kinsbruner - Shifting from Mobile Manual Testing to BDD Automation