Bijoya Chatterjee

Bijoya has 15 years of industry experience in the world of Software Quality Assurance, currently working as a Software QA Director, responsible for the quality of the PS4 UI at SONY PlayStation. Her experience ranges from small startups to multinational corporations. With a passion for test automation and customer advocacy, she has been a quality advocate for all her career. Her interest lies in the area of driving testing as a culture (and not as a last resort checkpoint!) for a software release. She feels strongly that not only does the software industry need to embrace testing, but it empower everyone in its QA organizations with both automation and scalable infrastructure. With the combination of test automation at scale and continuous integration, she is a strong believer that we can find the right balance between short development cycles and just enough testing. Her primary experience is in the areas of UI automation and has many years of experience with tools and frameworks such as
Selenium and Appium. She is also an ardent believer in UI automation stability and has talked on this topic at SauceCon 2019 & Appium Con 2019.