AI Summit Guild 2018 After Event Online Ticket


AI Summit Guild May 30, 2018, 9:45-5:30(EDT) After Event Ticket.
Speakers: (*subject to change)
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Automation Guild 2018 Life-Time Access Ticket Online Ticket dedicated 100% to Automation Testing. 15 + pre-recorded video sessions and live Q&A with each speaker the week of Jan 8 – Jan 10 10-5PM(EST).

Speakers: (*subject to change)

Richard Bradshaw
Jane Mareth
Lisa Crispin
Paul Grossman
Viktor Slavchev
Mark Winteringham
Michelle XIE
Ash Coleman
Manoj Kumar
Mike Talks
Titus Fortner
Corina Pip
Toyer Mamoojee
Mark Fink
Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan