How does a Guild Conference work?

How will we communicate during the conference to ask questions?

We will be using Slack.

Make sure you join the following. For perfguild conferences, we will use the #perfguild{year} channels in Slack. For automation guild conferences we will use aguild{year}. This is how we will be communicating through the conference (if you don’t do this you will get the error loading public channel history: channel_not_found)

  • #aguild{year}-general
  • #aguild{year}-day1
  • #aguild{year}-day2
  • #aguild{year}-day3
  • #perfguild{year}-day1
  • #perfguild{year-day2
  • #perfguild{year-day3
  • #perfguild{year-general

To add/join a channel in group:

Is there a Slack Channel?

Yes, you will receive an invite link to the members-only Slack channel when you register. If you can’t find the email the link also can be found under the My Account>Join Slack Channel menu option once you Login.