Call For Speakers

Topics the GUILD is interested in for this next Automation Guild 2023 event are:
Call for Speakers Open from August to Oct 2022.

Speakers selected will receive $500 for their sessions, and roundtable experts will be paid $250.00. A unique session means that it’s a title different than the one you may have already used, and you record using the Guild slide deck.

Playwright, Cypress, Postman, Desktop Automation, CI/CD automation pipeline, API Testing, Mobile Automation, How to Pick/Select a Tool/framework, Maintaining large test suite, integration of automation code with DevOps tools like docker Kubernetes, AWS, ansible, terraform, How to get started with automation, Reducing false negatives/flakiness, Test Data management, AI in Testing (AI, ML, NLP, and auto-healing), Low code/No code. Vulnerability Testing, Observability/Opentelemetry, Lessons Learned (war stories) in Automated Testing,

** Automation Guild is an online event. The sessions will need to be pre-recorded to ensure smooth streaming — followed by a LIVE Q&A session where attendees can directly interact with speakers. If you are uncomfortable recording your session by yourself, I can record it to make it easier for you. **