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Automation Guild 2022 is Coming Soon! Feb 7-11

Right now - I'm "in the lab" planning the event.

Me in the lab planning AG 2022

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Julia Pottinger

Julia Pottinger

Training & Development Manager

AG 2021 was an amazing experience for me. It was a wealth of knowledge being shared. Everyone was supportive.

I definitely learned a lot and it showed me a wide range of techniques that can be applied to make testing better.

Would definitely recommend to anyone to attend or speak at this event. One of THE best conferences I have attended. From the content to the community interaction - AMAZING!

Mike Taber

Mike Taber

Test Architect

As always, an awesome event! A superabundance of testing goodness.

Even before the conference had ended, the team was already chasing new ideas, refining existing practices and getting colleagues excited about new possibilities.

Validation of current practices and plans is always a tremendous win and Automation Guild weighs in massively in this regard.

Our plans are solid and aligned with those of our peers around the globe; the future is bright indeed! What could be more awesome than that?

Nicole (Mendoza) van der Hoeven headshot

Nicole Van Der Hoeven

Developer Advocate (Perf. Testing)

TestGuild conferences are timely, practical, and community-led.

Unlike in other conferences, the talks favor demonstrations and techniques over abstract philosophies or marketing.

I love the audience interaction and side-banter on Slack that lets me talk to others in the field.

I would highly recommend TestGuild conferences as a great way to learn new things and network with other testing professionals.